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Aloha, Sametan!

Aloha, Sametan!



PangeaSeed and Tokyo-based vinyl toy designer Cometdebris, in collaboration with Pow! Wow! Hawai’i and 1xRun, are pleased to announce our latest shark saving effort:


Aloha, Sametan!


From February 10-15, 2014, at Fresh Café and Loft in Space, in Honolulu, we will host a one of a kind art exhibition featuring over 40 customized Sametan figures designed by over 35 global artists.


Standing at a mere four inches, dressed in trademark jeans and sneakers, Sametan bares the scars of shark finning and what some cultures consider “tradition”. With up to 100 million sharks killed each year to satisfy the global trade of shark fin, the little vinyl guy has one purpose and one purpose only – to save his kind from extinction. – And now he needs your support to help take his message out of the oceans and into the streets.


Through this unique event, the first of its kind in the Hawaiian islands, we aim to generate greater awareness for the global plight of sharks and the importance of our oceans via creative and entertaining avenues in order to raise critical funding to support PangeaSeed’s ongoing educational / conservation efforts and groundbreaking projects.

All Sametans will be available for online purchase on February 15th, 2014 12pm PST. Please view the artwork preview slideshow below.

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