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Caitlin Hackett, "To Be Devoured"

Caitlin Hackett, "To Be Devoured"

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Ballpoint pen, watercolor and colored pencil on paper (framed)
18" x 15"


Caitlin Hackett grew up surrounded by redwood trees and mountains, by the cold Pacific Ocean and the endless fogs that come with living along the north Pacific current that comes down from Alaska. It was on the northern coast of California where she  grew up that her love for nature, mythology and animals flourished. She spent her childhood hiking and camping and at a young age she was taught to respect and love the natural world. In her work I am giving an ode to the natural world I love, the forests and mountains that nourished the fantasies of her childhood.

Hackett's work alludes to the boundaries that separate humans from animals both physically and metaphysically, and how these boundaries are warped by new scientific data, mythology, history and religious beliefs alike, blurring the lines between us as science, religion and culture clash over what it is to be human, and thus, what separates us from the beasts of the wild.

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