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Ephemeral Ice Castle

Ephemeral Ice Castle

Kelsey Johnson

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Artist Statement

"An image from the "Girl in the Red Dress" series: a collection of self-portraits and collaborative pieces, blending elements of fantasy and reality. This body of work is intended to experiment with our relationship to nature as humans and encourage the viewer to create their own magic out of everyday life.

"Ephemeral Ice Castle" is a piece dedicated to raising awareness for climate change-induced ice melting, which is a contributor to warming and rising sea levels. It was photographed in Mer de Glace, France's largest glacier. The glacier has receded over 2,600 feet in the last three decades, and scientists predict it will cease to exist by the end of the century unless action is taken to curb climate emissions globally.

To create this piece, Kelsey posed barefoot in her signature red ball gown inside a freezing glacial cave, weathering the winter elements. Mer de Glace will never again look like it does as captured within this photograph."

- Kelsey Johnson

Artist Bio

Kelsey is a travel photographer and model based in Seattle, WA. Her fine artwork focuses on fairytale-esque conceptual self-portraits in nature, often including herself within her images as she photographs some of the farthest-reaching corners of the planet. She has traveled across 28 countries and 32 American National Parks, capturing adventurous stories along the way. Kelsey's commercial clients include Canon, Jeep, and Conde Nast, and her work has amassed a social media following of over half a million.

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