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AP = Artist Proof
PP = Printers Proof
Blemished = Minor dinged corners, creases, stains

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Each of our ARTivism print editions is meticulously hand-crafted. Please allow up to 10 weeks for order delivery. Thank you for your patience.

Daylight Edition

Limited edition of 35 prints
+ Limited edition of 10 uniquely hand-embellished prints

Midnight Edition
Limited edition of 35 prints
+ Limited edition of 10 uniquely hand-embellished prints

18 x 24 inches
Fine-art Giclée print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm paper
Signed & numbered
Printed with by Static Medium
Artist Statement
"I created this design with the intention of drawing connections between us and the vastly different places in which we reside as a reminder of our interdependence.
No matter where we are from, our lives are directly impacted by the ocean. In this image, the rolling desert mountains transcend into the ocean, visually bridging the mental and physical divide between two distant ecosystems. Despite the geographic location, we are reminded that our worlds are intricately intertwined and that we must remain informed and aware in order to pursue balance within our climate.

I wanted to capture the beauty of these sea creatures while highlighting the importance of our own actions in preventing further deterioration of ocean habitats. This work seeks to highlight the vulnerable and act as a reminder of what we stand to lose."
- Madeleine Tonzi
Artist Bio

Madeleine Tonzi is an Oakland-based painter and muralist. She creates organic and geometric landscapes that express concepts of memory and place in relation to the environment. Foundational to her work is the concept of Solastalgia, a term that describes the mental impact the destruction of the environment has on the human psyche. Through a distinct color pallet, organic forms, and architectural elements, Madeleine seeks to create images that capture the essence of her relationship to the land, emphasizing the importance of protecting it. Tonzi currently exhibits her work with Hashimoto Contemporary.

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