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Heart Call

Claire Droppert

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Artist Statement

The trademark in my work has a focus on serenity, simplicity, and silence. I am drawn to desolate spaces and landscapes and with a minimalistic approach, my aim is to capture the essence of natural elements in a unique way. Photography provides me with opportunities to share my thoughts and stories with the world. My images always tell a story and this hopefully gives greater meaning to the work I create. I want to create imagery that reflects my thoughts at any given time. Photography is an emotion, I capture things that speak to me. My images are created on deep thoughts. By adopting this approach to my photography, I feel it maximizes emotion and the true meaning within my work and I hope to leave a positive, emotional impact that inspires others.

Artist Bio

Claire Droppert is a conceptual photographer / visual artist based in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Also know on Instagram as @claireonline. Her photography journey started at a young age when she had her first analog Pentax camera and the passion and enthusiasm have grown ever since. From studying and working as a Graphic Designer, she became more specialized in conceptual imagery and developed her career as a conceptual Photographer, which now forms part of her living.

Her work has been exhibited in national- and international exhibitions in New York, Paris, Brussels, and Rotterdam and has been featured in publications and international media sites including Huffington Post, Gizmodo, This is Colossal, Wired, and ABC News. She has also had the honor of creating commissioned work for brands such as Adobe, Canon, Strongbow, and BMW. "

Auction Guidelines

The highest bidder will be notified upon the auction's end. The winner will have 12 hours to complete the purchase before the next highest bidder will be given the opportunity to secure the artwork.

This Clean NFT will be transferred to the Tezos address of the auction winner after the auction has ended on April 25, 2021.

The winning bidder will require a Tezos address to receive the token. If you have not yet secured a Cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with Tezos, do so as soon as possible. You can find a non-exhaustive list of wallets here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at orders@pangeaseed.org.

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