Justin Lovato, "Ancient One"

Justin Lovato, "Ancient One"

Mixed media
20" x 16"


Justin Lovato is a working painter from Sacramento currently residing in Berkeley, California. He creates ethereal landscapes that reflect thoughts on nature and our relation to it, human belief systems, multidimensional concepts, and esoteric symbolism.
A self taught artist, Lovato's method is more instinctive than learned and more evolved than trained. Through the use of visual communication Lovato applies contrasting opposites, creating an illustrative narrative that aims to capture movement of lines and organic form. Exploring passing and dissolving memory, experience, dreams and expansion of awareness through a personal image mythos mixed among archetypal symbolism that draws from our past and collective human experience.

His work has been shown throughout the world in cities including San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles CA, Portland, OR, Miami FL, Washington DC, New York and Moscow, Russia.

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