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Life in Our Hands

Anna McNaught

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Artist Statement

"Life is constantly moving, whether we are there to witness it or not. Life sustains life from the deepest depths of the bluest oceans to the greenest landscapes on every continent and it’s a gift that we cannot take back if we foolishly give it away. It’s up to us to see all life on this planet as the beautiful magic show that it is.

I chose to use a Sea Turtle in this piece because all seven species are currently threatened or endangered. As with many other endangered species on this earth, it’s mostly because of our own doing. When we protect what we love and respect all living things, we’re able to thrive as a whole and preserve life on this planet for generations to come."

- Anna McNaught

Artist Bio

Anna is a Digital/Photoshop artist, photographer, designer, and full-time traveler. She creates vibrant and glowing dreamscapes inspired by surrealism, dreams, nature, and the universe. Each piece is created by composting photography and 3D renderings in Photoshop. Driven by the idea that art CAN make a difference in the world, Anna has used the strength of her online presence to inspire others, educate on environmental issues, and teach fellow creators how to make their own art using Photoshop. In this pursuit, her hard work and imagination have garnered recognition from Adobe, NASA, Crocs, Audi, Marriott, Getty Images, and hotels around the world. She’s been published by Forbes, Thrive Global, Bored Panda, and more and has become a thought-provoking female leader in the digital world. When she’s not creating digital art, she pursues a life of creative freedom and exploration; traveling full-time and embracing uncertainty from the road.

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