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Nautilus Grave by Miles Tsang
5-color screen print
110 lb. Smart White French Paper
24 x 18 Inches
Signed & numbered
Regular Edition (Cool): Limited edition of 50

Variant Edition (Warm): Limited edition of 25

"Nautilus Grave" by Miles Tsang highlights species of the iconic Nautilus family. There are currently six species still in existences, all of which are protected internationally under CITES Appendix II. They are a living fossil that hasn't changed much in millions of years, and it is estimated that they can live up to 20 years. Unfortunately, Nautiluses are threatened due to over-harvesting, habitat loss and climate change. One climate change-related issue is ocean acidification, which will affect the animal's ability to build its calcium carbonate-based shell.
Artist Statement

" When pondering our relationship to the world and its oceans, I often find myself thinking of our connection to nature, which is a force that encompasses us, preceded us, and will succeed us whether we acknowledge our mortality in its face or not. As a living fossil and scavenger that has gone unaltered by evolution for nearly 500 million years, the mysterious nautilus represents these abstract ideas, though it is often hunted by humans for its ornamental shell, leading to calls for protection and regulation to prevent endangerment in modern times.

My piece “Nautilus Grave” ambiguously flips this callous and common narrative, portraying the alien but genteel nautili as dominant entities in relation to the human visitors depicted, symbolizing mindful deference to (rather than thoughtless exploitation of) these fascinating creatures and the realms in which they thrive." - Miles Tsang

Artist Bio
Miles Tsang is a commercial illustrator and print artist based out of Toronto, Canada with a predominant focus in brightly-colored and heavily stylized screen-printed gig posters, having created works for a plethora of bands ranging from Foo Fighters, Kanye West, Eric Church, The 1975, and Metallica to name a few. His (main) interests include art history, contemporary pop culture (ranging from comics to cinema), figurative art, mythology, philosophy, the psychedelic movement, and symbolism.
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