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1666 x 2000 px, .mp4

Artist Statement

"This animated artwork is a collaboration between two artists: Tre' Packard, an environmental photographer from Hawaii, and Ladislas, a painter and illustrator from France. Both creatives share the same passion for the ocean and use their skills and visions to pay tribute to their beauty. "Un Voyage Incertain" is the result of an exclusive mixing of techniques in a collaborative artwork: underwater photography and 2D painting animation. The basis of this collaboration is an underwater photograph of a whale shark, the biggest fish known on Earth. This whale shark symbolizes the two sides defining the underwater world: the extreme beauty of the ocean and the life that calls them home and the fragility of its balance.

Whale sharks, so big as they can be, mostly eat microscopic plankton. Their existence (like many other big fish species) is threatened by human activity that puts this species in danger of extinction. Overfishing, plastic pollution, and coastal development impact them a lot and reduce the numbers of these giants of the seas.

This animated artwork is a tribute to this uncertain journey they're taking where humans have a central role to play to give the oceans their balance and richness or drive them to extinction.

The animation is not looping as there's no possibility of going back. Extinction is forever."

- Ladislas Chachignot

Artist Bio

Ladislas is a French artist based in Barcelona. Specialized in surrealist art, he works both digitally and traditionally on canvas and paper, mixing various techniques he acquired using those two mediums to experiment, create complex and colorful artworks that reflect his vision of the world. Ladislas carefully crafted his own visual language imagery and universe inspired by nature’s richness, pop surrealism, contemporary art, and illustration. He's willing to develop and create art inspired by these elements and contributing through art to raise awareness for the protection of wildlife and the environment. Reconnecting humans with nature.


Tré Packard is an internationally renowned public art curator and award-winning environmental photographer marrying both art and activism to cultivate a new era in marine conservation. As a passionate conservationist, Tre' has traveled throughout Asia documenting some of the most remote locations bringing to light never before documented fisheries contributing to the destruction of ocean ecosystems and the often illegal trade of threatened marine life.

Tré is the founder and Executive Director of PangeaSeed Foundation and the creator of the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program through which he has curated over 400 environmental ocean-themed public artworks in 17 countries since 2014. In addition, Tré is a lifelong scuba diver and PADI Dive Ambassador.

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