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AP = Artist Proof
PP = Printers Proof
Blemished = Minor dinged corners, creases, stains

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Whale Shark by Scott Listfield
Fine-art Giclée print on Italian cold-press watercolor paper
20 x 20 Inches
Limited Edition of 50
Signed & numbered
Printed with by Paragon Press

"Whale Shark" by Scott Listfield contrasts the bleak prospect of dystopian life on Earth with what lies at stake today. Whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world, are classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Their existence is at risk due to fisheries targeting them for their fins, a highly prized commodity in parts of Asia.
Artist Statement
"Much of my work deals with the future - or more specifically how ideas of the future we've seen in movies and TV shows can shape the time we live in now. Do we want to live in a future like Mad Max? Blade Runner? The Terminator? Where living things, including humans, are pushed to the brink? Now is the time to start doing something, so that we can ensure our bleakest visions of the future continue to be just fiction." - Scott Listfield
Artist Bio

Scott Listfield is known for his paintings featuring a lone exploratory astronaut lost in a landscape cluttered with pop culture icons, corporate logos, and tongue-in-cheek science fiction references. Scott grew up in Boston, MA and studied art at Dartmouth College. After some time spent living abroad, Scott returned to America and, shortly before the real life, non-movie version of the year 2001, began painting astronauts and, sometimes, dinosaurs.

Scott has been profiled in Juxtapoz, Wired Magazine, the Boston Globe, New American Paintings, and on at least one local television station. He has exhibited his work in Los Angeles, London, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Montreal, Boston, and many other nice places.

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