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Protect Our Oceans

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Print Details

24 x 12 inches
Signed & Numbered
Printed with ♥ by VGKids
Regular Edition

11-color screenprint on 100lb cougar white paper
Limited edition of 40

Peacock Edition

11-color screenprint on peacock foil paper
Edition of 40

Rainbow Edition

11-color screenprint on rainbow holographic foil paper
Edition of 40

Lava Edition

11-color screenprint on holographic lava foil paper
Edition of 40

Gold Edition

11-color screenprint on gold foil paper
Edition of 40

Artist Statement
The theme of the artwork is plastic pollution, which is a huge concern to me, so I tried to convey the message in a fun, colorful way, so people will enjoy the image and then absorb the message. The giant Squid is ridding the sea of plastic, and the surfer and seal are stoked and are supporting him because the ocean is important to everyone!
- Jimbo Phillips
Artist Bio

I am Jimbo Phillips, an artist from Santa Cruz, California. Born and raised in the art world. My father, Jim Phillips, designed all the artwork for Santa Cruz Skateboards in the ’70s and ’80s and was the creator of the iconic “Screaming Hand” logo.

At an early age, I began working for my father doing graphics for the skateboard industry, creating eye-popping artwork for t-shirt designs, decals, magazine ads, and skateboards. In the early 90s, I started my own graphic art business, continuing to work for skateboard companies as well as other major brands such as Toyota, Nike, Snickers, Volcom, and so many more. Along the way, I’ve won some awards for graphics as well as displayed in art shows internationally in Europe, South America, and Canada. In 2005 my art was featured on Tony Hawk American Wasteland video game for the Xbox and Playstation2, where the game weaves in and out of my comic book format. I currently have signature artist series collaborations with Bell helmets, Electric visuals, Volcom clothing, Puma shoes, etc. I also have a game app on Itunes called Skatetrash!

I recently started an online store to offer high-quality original art and limited edition clothing and prints directly to fans, collectors, and consumers that want to buy products straight from the artist. I try to get all my products from local businesses using only high-quality fabrics and materials. People are always asking me where they can find my stuff, so I wanted a webshop where I could dream up anything I want without having to answer to a company, and the response has been great. The products on my site are not available anywhere else, and I have a lot of new ideas bubbling up that I am excited to show you. A lot of the rock posters and silkscreened prints on there are very limited, so when they're gone, they are gone.

If you want art that stands out, is highly recognizable, very collectible, and is a great conversation piece, then you’ve come to the right place. I am an artist who strives to push the envelope of what is possible on a skateboard, t-shirt, poster, sticker, or any surface and continues to do so in a fluid yet eye-catching style. Keep your eyes peeled for Jimbo’s graphic assault!

The Story behind Protect Our Oceans

Jimbo Phillips

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