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A Dream of the Reef - Skateboard Diptych Set

Kilian Eng

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"A Dream of a Reef" is a limited edition skateboard deck diptych set highlighting the importance of protecting vulnerable marine biodiversities such as coral reef ecosystems and the pressing impact of coastal development.

Recent studies have revealed that 50% of the world's coral reefs have already been destroyed due to human impact, and another 40% could be lost over the next 30 years. We must act now if we are to save this irreplaceable marine habitat.

Limited edition of 70
8.5x31 inches
Seven-ply 100% sustainably sourced USA maple wood with full-color graphic and transparent black stain on top
Numbered & accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
Produced by Pennswood MFG

Artist Statement

Coral reefs have many important functions. For example, they provide shelter for a vast variety of underwater organisms. Many fish species live there in their early life before swimming out to the open sea. It is an excellent example of the natural beauty and magic of our oceans. A beauty that is losing its lifeforce and turning into a colorless underwater wasteland devoid of all life due to human impact.

My starting point for this project was the impact of coastal development and its negative and deadly effects on the ecosystems close to the shore. 40% of the world's population lives close to the coast, something that causes numerous threats to corals through the evergrowing development of human infrastructure and the threat from global warming.

Artist Bio

Kilian Eng is an artist from Stockholm, Sweden. He often works with detailed and colorful pieces grand in scale and with themes that include nature and architecture in different ways. Sometimes they take the viewer far into the future and to another world. Sometimes they can present a long-gone civilization obsessed with ornaments and statues. He mainly splits his working time between personal projects and creating alternative posters for movies in the screen printing medium.

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