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A Message from the Sea

Anthony Solano

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Regular Edition

Fine-art Giclée print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
12 x 32 Inches
Limited Edition of 50
Signed & Numbered

Hand-Embellished Edition

Fine-art Giclée print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
12 x 32 Inches
Limited Edition of 5
Signed & Numbered
Uniquely hand-embellished

Printed with by Static Medium

Artist Statement

With a dark and poignant sense of humor, "A Message From the Sea" gives voice to the marine life currently experiencing devastating circumstances due to careless human activity and consumption. The plastic grabby-hand toy speaks to the inconsiderate fabrication and consumption of plastics, destined to exist for many hundreds of years and almost certain to end up in the ocean; here, turned into a clear sign of disapproval by this clever Pacific red octopus. The small school of Herring fish, unknowingly swimming with a fishing lure, represents the constant threat that humans present to marine life, both due to over-fishing and the irresponsible disposal of fishing equipment. Although a dark scene to process, "A Message From the Sea" also speaks to our ocean's tenacity and ability to deal with the stark reality that humans have created while highlighting the beauty of our ocean's inhabitants. Anthony's art aims to bring awareness of the negative impact that plastics create by exploring rich and vibrant scenarios in which nature engages with our plastics in a world where humans no longer exist. His goal is to get people to realize that these plastic items will, in fact, outlive us and end up in nature one day, with the hope of getting the viewers of his work to ask themselves, "Is this purchase really necessary?"

- Anthony Solano

Artist Bio

Having spent his childhood years between California and Guadalajara, Mexico, artist Anthony Solano turned to art at a young age, seeing it as both a source of escape and comfort. In high school he was exposed to painting for the first time, sparking what would become his life’s passion. Anthony, a self-taught painter, now resides in Portland, Oregon, and credits the local landscape for a major creative shift, from abstract painting to the surreal genre that he currently practices. His work explores today’s environmental conflicts, communicated with vibrant hyper-realistic imagery and thought-provoking storytelling. A sense of optimism and hope within his work allows the viewer to experience a complex, emotional response.

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