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Closing In

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Print Details

24 x 24 inches
Editions of 40 each
Printed with ♥ by VGKids
Aqua Foil

Eight-color screenprint with metallic inks on aqua foil paper

Rainbow Foil

Eight-color screenprint with metallic inks on rainbow foil paper

Gold Foil

Eight-color screenprint with metallic inks on gold foil paper

Artist Statement
"Closing In" is a piece that follows a similar thread with many of my works. This artwork focuses on the Hawksbill sea turtles, which are unfortunately a highly endangered species. Many efforts are being made to protect this species here in the Caribbean, but we still have many issues that continue to keep them on the brink of extinction.

The constant disruption of their natural habitats, the rapid loss of coral reefs, and various human interference and harm have been ongoing factors in their critical status. I believe it is our duty to protect them at all costs, especially with everything closing in. This artwork speaks to that, representing our role in being stewards for these creatures, stepping in and holding in place, even what little is left, to secure the future of these amazing creatures."
- Taj Francis
Artist Bio

Jamaican visual artist, Taj Francis, has a diverse interest in expression, mainly focused on illustration, digital art, and painting. His work focuses on the nuances of life, viewed through the Surreal lens of African ancestry and identity. His paintings and illustrations have a strong focus on nature and ethereal elements that help form the visual language of many of his artworks.

The Story behind Closing In

Taj Francis

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