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Print Details

Regular Edition

18 x 24 Inches
15-color screenprint on 100lb Construction Pure White smooth paper
Limited Edition of 50
Signed & Numbered
Printed with

by VGKids

Hand-Embellished Edition

18 x 24 Inches
15-color screenprint on 100lb Construction Pure White smooth paper
Limited Edition of 10
Each print is uniquely hand-embellished
Signed & Numbered
Printed with 

 by VGKids

Artist Statement

With our participation in the Sea Walls Australia project in Cairns Australia, we witnessed the condition of the Great Barrier Reef firsthand. Due to global warming and other human-caused factors, the coral reef and its ecosystem is dying at an immense pace, best visible through the effect of coral bleaching.

With our mural at a water tower near the coast, we tried to show the interconnectedness of these events and our own lives.

This is what we also want to show in this print, with our anthropomorphic wolves and the stylized bleached corals: the ambivalent feeling of (dis-)connection with our surroundings.

We think it is about time to get past this culture-nature-dualism and start to see ourselves „as an active part of a meaningful whole“, in the words of Andreas Weber, a German biologist, and philosopher.

- The Low Bros

Artist Bio

The Low Bros are a German Post Graffiti artist duo made up of brothers Christoph (1984) and Florin Schmidt (1982). With a background in street culture and an interest in contemporary developments, they explore a self-coined ‘Retro-Futuristic’ vibe. From their collective memory of the 80s and 90s, the Low Bros create a vantage point from which to reimagine the present future; a perception that refocuses the conflicts they embody in the modern age.

Their work comprises several recurring characters constructed from bold geometric shapes among copper wires, a symbolic means of our modern connectedness. As the viewer begins to deconstruct these forms, the complexity of their aesthetic is revealed with each symbol introducing another layer to explore. A recurring character is the wolf whom we see often duplicated or fractured, his tough exterior juxtaposed against soft spots in pink fleshy tones. Slick shades form emotional and intellectual barriers from the oncoming stares. We are the wolf, inside of an unrecognizable, yet familiar reality.
The Low Bros live and work in Hamburg, Germany.

The Story behind Coralation

Low Bros

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