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18 x 21 inches
Full-bleed featuring hand-deckled edges
Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
Limited edition of 50
Printed with by Static Medium

Artist Statement
"It doesn't take much to look around and realize how beautiful the natural world can be. Conversely, it does take a huge toll on us (and the world) to witness how unbecomingly alien our world has become; more and more unnatural with waste and devastation seeping into lands, air, and seas — what we've allowed beauty to get caught up in. This piece reminds us to look closely at the fragments of our lives we impart on the world around us — let our lives be a sight to behold and a wonder to treasure."
- Egg Fiasco
Artist Bio

Filipino visual artist Egg Fiasco is known for combining supercharged imagery with refined stylistic techniques to convey an enigmatic exploration into retro-futuristic and neo-graffiti themes.

His investigative musings in urban art, pop culture, folk arts, comic graphics, and tattoo culture layer onto his work. His playful visual experimentations teeter on realities in contrast to his time transfiguring rigid, chaotic, and vastly complex themes cohesively into vibrant visuals, pushing sensational boundaries. The effects of his eclectic perspectives engage his audiences to traverse a multiverse of his own creation, exciting the mind.

Born on December 2, 1985, in Manila, Philippines, Egg Fiasco immersed in the developing art culture and inevitably found roots with groups of urban artists that pushed the graffiti scene throughout the mid-2000s. Onward and always alongside a brotherhood of like-minded artists, he works simply to expand the capacities of his medium in the hopes of broadening the possibilities for new expressive social systems.

The Story behind Entangled

Egg Fiasco

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