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Fragile Armour

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Print Details

18 x 24 inches
Fine-art Giclée print on French cold-press watercolor paper
Limited edition of 50
Printed with by Static Medium

Artist Statement
"Shellfish, crabs, starfish, corals, and other calcifying organisms are one of the many strands of delicate webs that nature weaves being affected negatively by human activity on the land. Fossil fuels have to lead to carbon increase in the atmosphere and the oceans, leading to ocean acidification (amongst other things). This has a knock-on effect of decreasing the abundance of carbonate ions, the building blocks sea creatures rely on.

Armour, meant to protect, becomes fragile, creating vulnerability, not only to shell-fish but to the entire network of inter-reliant species. In this image, I tried to capture the beauty and wonder of the complex architecture shell-fish build, which we find and collect with joy on the seashore when these homes are finished with. I wanted to remind the viewer that such small over-looked creatures are large in their importance in themselves and as part of the web, providing sustenance to a whole range of species, including humans. The diver holds a crumbling shell, a warning of the possible future for these delicate organisms if humans can't change their over-consumptive and damaging habits."
- Rebecca ter Borg
Artist Bio

Rebecca ter Borg is an illustrator based in Auckland/Tāmaki Makaurau, New Zealand/Aotearoa. She works freelance as a commercial artist and on personal projects. She has recently turned to paint and larger scale work, in addition to her illustration practice, after being inspired by the potential of 'Artivism' and the possibilities involved with connecting with people and communities. She loves having a chance to be part of meaningful projects whenever possible that promote and encourage the kaitiaki (guardianship) of nature but also loves indulging in aimless, fun drawing; all kinds of people, magic, flowers, and cute bugs.

The Story behind Fragile Armour

Rebecca ter Borg

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