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Ghosts of the Future

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Regular Edition

18 x 18 Inches
Fine-art Giclée print on smooth fine art paper
Limited Edition of 75
Printed with by Spirit Printing Services

Variant Edition

18 x 18 inches
Fine-art Giclée print on holographic foil
Featuring textured gloss ink
Limited Edition of 25
Printed with by Spirit Printing Services

Artist Statement

Between 1970 and 2012, nearly half of the world's marine populations disappeared. In just 40 years! Extinction levels are currently at least 1000 times higher than they should be naturally; millions of years of evolution were eradicated in a matter of decades. The biodiversity of our seas is a delicate balancing act; the reduction in populations of one species can have far-reaching consequences. Human behavior is directly causing habitat loss, pollution, and acidification of our once-healthy and thriving oceans.

My illustration shows 12 fish species that are currently endangered or critically endangered. The fish are the heroes of the piece. It's essential to take stock of what we have and celebrate the beauty and variety of the world around us. I want my artwork to remind people how our species has to do better with our planet. Humans need to find different ways of doing things. We have to adjust how we treat natural resources. We must protect and support our oceans before these wonders are lost forever.

- Owen Davey

Artist Bio

My name is Owen Davey. My pronouns are he/him, and I am an award-winning Illustrator from the UK. Since 2009 I have worked with many clients, including (but not limited to) Google, WWF, Facebook, Sony, Lego, and National Geographic. I am the lead illustrator on the multi-award-winning app Two Dots, and I have produced many picture books which have been published in over 25 languages all over the world. 'Curious About Crocodiles' from my non-fiction ‘About’ series with Flying Eye Books won Best in Show in the 3x3 Professional Show 2022. From the same series, 'Bonkers About Beetles' won Best in Show in 2019.

The Story behind Ghosts of the Future

Owen Davey

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