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Vance Kelly

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Each of our ARTivism print editions is meticulously hand-crafted. Please allow up to 10 weeks for order delivery. Thank you for your patience.

20 x 20 inches
Signed & Numbered
Printed with ♥ by VGKids
Regular Edition

9-color screenprint
Edition of 40
Printed on 100# Cougar Smooth Opaque paper

Variant Edition I

9-color screenprint
Edition of 40
Printed on bright gold foil

Variant Edition II

9-color screenprint
Edition of 40
Printed on holographic rainbow foil

Artist Statement

"Throughout history, scientists, artists, and storytellers have been mesmerized by these exotic creatures. Legends say that seahorses protect sailors while out at sea. The ancient Greeks also believed that seahorses escorted them between the physical and spiritual world when sailors drowned. Seahorses have special structures in their skin cells, called chromatophores, that give them the ability to change color. With that in mind, we thought it would be fitting to use foil paper for some of the prints."

- Vance Kelly
Artist Bio

Vance Kelly is an award-winning illustrator, fine artist, printmaker, and graphic designer.

Born in 1970, he resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

His instantly recognizable artwork can be seen in the industries of music, advertising, apparel, and publishing.

With an interest in mythology, fantasy, and the occult, Vance uses dark and light themes to express his unique imagery.

He is most notable for his album cover and poster art.

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