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Staying Afloat

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Staying Afloat by Jerry Rugg
Fine-art Giclée print on Italian cold-press watercolor paper
16 x 20 Inches
Limited Edition of 50
Signed & Numbered
Printed with by Paragon Press
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery


"Staying Afloat" by Jerry Rugg 'BirdO' (Canada) highlights the importance of symbiotic relationships in nature and the impact of human activity on our oceans. Despite the ocean being Earth's life-support system, the seemingly vast blue marble is under siege on all fronts. From overfishing and plastic pollution to ocean acidification and coastal development, we all need to do our part in better preserving marine resources for future generations.

Artist Statement

"This piece was created to underline our infinite connection to the oceans and to serve as a reminder that we are all affected by the state of nature. Having grown up far away from any coastline in central Canada, it was easy to overlook just how deep our relationship ran to the ocean’s life-support system. Human impact has been repeatedly cited as the main offender to so many species at risk, and to the planet itself. Regardless of whether we are situated beside the ocean or far away from it, we all need to start accepting responsibility for the future of the planet by being proactive and staying informed. This piece represents just how harmonious our relationship is with our home. We are standing on the Earth’s back and are provided with a nurturing planet. If we choose to nurture the planet in return, we can all stay afloat."
- Jerry Rugg 'BirdO' -

The Story behind Staying Afloat

Jerry Rugg

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