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The Celestial Hippocampus

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The Celestial Hippocampus by Andrew Ghrist

Limited Edition of 140 each (signed & numbered) 

5-color screen print with gold metallic inks on French Old Green paper

18" x 24"

Artist Statement

"The Scar by China Miéville is a novel which has been a part of my life for many years, and has travelled as my companion through since adolescence. I've attempted to depict the Avanc, a colossal marine creature described in The Scar. It is a beast unbridled by our conventional imagination, miles long and strong enough to tow an entire pirate city. The Avanc is shown here after being summoned from a foreign place, its sublime nature derived from other worlds appears as ephemeral bubbles on the ocean floor. The otherworldly nature of Miéville's novels is parallel to our understanding of the ocean. With every discovery breaking the surface, he pushes our expectations and continuously reminds us that the ocean is mysterious, unending, and larger than ourselves."

The Story behind The Celestial Hippocampus

Andrew Ghrist

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