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Keep It

Yeye Weller

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Each of our ARTivism print editions is meticulously hand-crafted. Please allow up to 10 weeks for order delivery. Thank you for your patience.

Regular Edition

Limited edition of 50 prints
Printed on Opticia One smooth fine art paper

Variant Edition
Limited edition of 25 prints
Printed on white lava holographic foil with spot white under and spot gloss

18 x 24 inches
Printed with by Spirit Printing Services
Artist Statement
"It was a matter of great importance to me not to point the moral finger at human failure. Instead of playing the "know-it-all" guy, I want to highlight the beauty and diversity of the ocean. To remind the people, in a positive and colorful way, of their unique and sensitive nature. It appeals to humanity to take nothing for granted and love the variance and the little things. A call to encourage people to live more consciously marked with my signature, which means tinged and tipsy with hope, optimism, and colorful vibes."
- Yeye Weller
Artist Bio

I'm Yeye Weller. I work and live as an illustrator in Münster, Germany. I like colors, soccer, and sidecar cocktails. There is really no special deep meaning behind my work, my illustrations come as they are: happy, colorful, and bright. I´m passionate about working across digital and analog mediums and I love to combine crazy characters with nice colors to take the viewers on a whirlwind tour of vibrant worlds filled with wild patterns, bad jokes, and lots of details.

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