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Keep It Clean

Kristen Liu-Wong

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Regular Edition

16 x 20 Inches
9-color screenprint
Printed on 100# Cougar Smooth Natural paper
Limited Edition of 60
Signed & Numbered
Printed with by VGKids

Variant Edition

16 x 20 Inches
9-color screenprint
Printed on holographic rainbow glitter foil
Limited Edition of 40
Signed & Numbered
Printed with by VGKids

Artist Statement

"I chose to address the issue of plastic pollution for my piece “Keep It Clean”. Pollution, and plastic pollution, in particular, is one of the biggest threats to the health of the oceans and marine life. Plastic accounts for 60-80% of marine garbage and most plastics in the ocean are eventually broken up into small toxic particles known as “microplastics,” which are indestructible and easily ingested. As a native Californian, I grew up visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium where I was always awed by the majesty and biodiversity of the kelp forests, so I chose to illustrate this beautiful ecosystem. It saddens me to think that natural wonders like these and so many others may one day no longer exist due to climate change and human pollution. I wanted my piece to teem with life as the actual kelp forests do- garibaldi fish, pacific jack mackerels, and sea nettle jellyfish swim amongst the tangled strands of giant kelp as a harbor seal, a leopard shark, and a CA Sheephead look on at the scuba diver spearing trash. Sea urchins, coral, sponges, snails, anemones, crabs, and a sunflower sea star cover jutting rocks, but if you look closely, you can find some old bottle caps, a used condom, and other human pollution throughout the environment, acting as a subtle reminder of how pervasive our garbage is in the oceans. I wanted this piece to have a positive message: pollution is a huge problem, and plastic has permeated our lives in this modern world. However, there are still ways for us as individuals to make choices that benefit the health of our planet and oceans when given the opportunity. I hope that this piece can help remind us that we can do better, and it is up to us to protect and care for this planet."

- Kristen Liu-Wong -

Artist Bio

Born and raised in San Francisco, Kristen Liu-Wong attended Pratt Institute where she graduated with a BFA in Illustration. She has shown extensively in numerous galleries both domestically and abroad and in addition to her gallery practice, she has worked with an extensive range of clients on projects ranging from murals to editorial illustrations to clothing lines. Kristen now lives and works in Los Angeles.

Kristen’s work blends everyday occurrences from her life with abstracted nightmares and crude humor. Trained as an illustrator, she tries to tell a story with every piece she makes, developing a personal and slightly sinister narrative within each painting. Using vibrant colors, heavy patterning, and tight compositions, the work draws inspiration from a variety of sources including but not limited to American folk art, the cartoons she watched as a kid, Shunga, and her appreciation for architecture. She is always striving to make work that is highly personal but altered enough to allow individual interpretations to be applied to every story she paints.

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