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Lemurian Lament

Marko Manev

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Limited edition of 50 prints
Printed on holographic rainbow foil with spot gloss

Limited edition of 25 prints
Printed on holographic rainbow foil with spot gloss

18 x 24 inches
Signed & numbered
Printed with by Spirit Printing Services
Artist Statement
"A mournful meditation on a sunken world where nature reclaimed what was hers. The mesmerizing ethereal being radiates an eerie presence of unquestionable power. Is the lament a warning... a vision of the future or a dream from the past?” With this piece, I wanted to create something that incorporates my love for the phantasmagorical and my fascination with marine invertebrates. I've been fascinated by jellyfish since early childhood. Their captivating psychedelic appearance is often described as alien… Ironic since they're one of the oldest creatures on the planet, making them intrinsically of this planet! It says something about us and our disassociation from the natural world. ."
- Marko Manev
Artist Bio

Marko Manev is a freelance illustrator who illustrates alternative movie posters and key art for film, TV, games, and various pop-culture properties. His work tends to be very atmospheric, exploring the intricate play between light and shadow. In his artworks, there is often the presence of silhouetted figures on a landscape, evoking a feeling of solemnity, mystery, and awe.
Born and raised in North Macedonia, he graduated in fine arts in 2009. He worked as a conceptual mixed-media fine artist and graphic designer before relocating to the United States in 2013 to pursue a career as a commercial illustrator. Since then, he has done work for Magic the Gathering, Marvel, DC, Lucasfilm, Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, PlayStation, Wired Magazine, The New Yorker, Variety, Simon & Schuster, and many others.

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