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Mat Miller

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Fine art giclée print on Italian cold-press watercolor paper
20" x 20"
Featuring full-bleed and hand-deckled edges
Edition of 75 + 5 APs
Printed with by Paragon Press


Forming part of the In Peril print suite, "Equilibrium" by Mat Miller (United Kingdom) highlights the pressing issues of mass extinction and ecosystem vulnerability.  

Artist Statement

"When creating this piece, I wanted to focus on the subject of the loss of biodiversity in ocean habitats, particularly coral reefs. I watched a speech by Sir David Attenborough recently that was making its rounds online. In this, he explains that we are in the midst of our planet’s 6th mass extinction event, of which human beings are the sole cause. Many species are dwindling in numbers and even dying out completely, causing imbalances in many ecosystems. I wanted to create a sense of connectivity and co-dependency between all of the elements in this piece. If you were to take away one element, then the composition would be off in just the same way as taking away one element completely in a real-life sense would have huge repercussions for the rest of the ecosystem."

- Mat Miller -

Artist Bio

Currently residing in Bristol, UK but originally from Buckinghamshire. I attended the University of Huddersfield as a graphic design student but years later, I find I have scribbled my way to being a full-time freelance illustrator, artist or graphic artist. Call it what you will; I like to draw things for people, often strange and mainly animals.

My weapons of choice are a 0.5mm technical pencil, a Pentel pocket brush pen, unipin fineliners of varying size, watercolors, acrylic ink, photoshop, illustrator, a graphics tablet and much paper.Clients include Moment Skis, Dusters California, Liquid Force, Original Skateboards, Bloomsbury Publishing, Wales Millenium Centre, Popeska, Rami Kadi, Humanoid Wakeboards, Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness.

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