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Mind Full

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Print Details

14 x 24 inches
Editions of 30 each
Printed with ♥ by VGKids
Rainbow Edition

Nine-color screenprint on rainbow holographic foil paper

Rainbow Cream Edition

Nine-color screenprint on rainbow holographic foil paper

Silver Edition

Nine-color screenprint with metallic inks on silver foil paper

Gold Edition

Nine-color screenprint with metallic inks on gold foil paper

Artist Statement
"Mind Full" is dedicated to our internal connection with the Ocean. Waves of emotion roll and crash and surge and storm through us. Dreaming of large bodies of water often symbolizes overwhelming emotion rising up. One of the many metaphors we turn to, to understand ourselves more through nature and nature through ourselves. The ocean animals show us how to navigate and move with the waves. The mother and baby whale rise into clarity, reminding us through it all to hold our natural world in top priority, as we are one."
- Gina Kiel
Artist Bio

Gina Kiel is an artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa (Wellington, New Zealand). She creates strong feminine images that exude sensuality and explore the human experience through ideas of life, death, spirituality, and pop culture using flowing lines and forms and bold, minimal compositions with a psychedelic palette.
Gina can be found painting murals in Aotearoa and beyond, creating art commissions and illustrations at her home studio for awesome clients locally and internationally, exhibiting at group shows, tattooing part-time and currently collaborating on projects with fellow Wellington-based artists Xoe Hall and Miriama Grace-Smith aka The Dream Girls Collective.

The Story behind Mind Full

Gina Kiel

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