Kozyndan, "Kelp Magic"
Kozyndan, "Kelp Magic"
Kozyndan, "Kelp Magic"
Kozyndan, "Kelp Magic"
Kozyndan, "Kelp Magic"
Kozyndan, "Kelp Magic"

Kozyndan, "Kelp Magic"


Kelp Magic by Kozyndan

Limited edition of 100 (signed & numbered)
Fine-art Giclée print on cold-press Italian watercolor paper

18" x 24"

About The Artist

Prolific collaborators Kozyndan-partners Kozue and Dan Kitchens-are known for their beguiling drawings, prints, and sculptures that seduce through their facility with degrees of representation that shift from the photorealistic to the cartoonish, their gentle humour, wanton use of colour and sometimes haunting imagery.

Widely acclaimed for their digitally painted pencil drawings of contemporary urban cityscapes and cleverly re-interpreted Japanese ukiyo-e prints, Kozyndan's work reflects their "unease and love of the modern world." 

They are obsessed with the ocean and being underwater and hope to someday come to rest at the bottom of the sea and slowly be devoured by deep creatures over many years.

Habitat of the Month:
Kelp Forests

Photograph by Brett Seymour 

Kelp forests are recognized as one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on Earth. These forests of the sea form in waters too cold for coral, but kelp beds are almost as diverse. Kelp is a brown alga which may reach 120 ft /40m in length and live more than 20 years, providing a habitat for a diverse assemblage of organisms.

Other types of large seaweeds such as Sargassum (another brown alga), Eel Grass and Irish Moss all form extensive beds with complex spatial habitats and high animal diversity including seals, otters, octopuses and sharks.

The influence of humans has often contributed to kelp forest degradation. Of particular concern are the effects of overfishing nearshore ecosystems, which can release herbivores from their normal population regulation and result in the over-grazing of kelp and other algae.

You can help save kelp forest habitats

  1. Donate to organizations working to raise awareness and research such as PangeaSeed, the IUCN and Conservation International.

  2. Advocate stronger global and regional action to protect kelp forest habitats and the animals that call them Home.

  3. Support the establishment and protection of marine protected areas (MPAs).

  4. Recommend sustainable ecotourism and dive/snorkel in kelp forests.

  5. Think twice before you buy.  Do not support the trade of endangered ocean animal products and try to reduce your carbon footprint.

  6. Educate yourself, friend and family on the issues facing kelp forest habitats and other threatened marine habitats. Act NOW if we wish to save our seas.