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Protect Our Oceans

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30 x 18 inches
Fine-art Giclée print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm fine art paper
Limited edition of 76
Signed + Numbered
Printed with by Static Medium

Hand-Embellished XL

52 x 27 inches
Fine-art Giclée print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm fine art paper
Limited edition of 26
Uniquely hand-embellished
Signed + Numbered
Printed with  by Static Medium

Holographic Foil

24 x 14 inches
Fine-art Giclée print on holographic foil paper
Limited edition of 36
Signed + Numbered
Printed with  by Spirit Printing Services

Artist Statement
"The state of the marine environment and the life that calls it home has declined at humanity's hands, so I created this image with the preciousness of life in mind to convey the message that protecting and restoring the health of our ocean also lies in our hands. Let's make every day World Oceans Day."
- Dragon76
Artist Bio

Japanese artist Dragon76 is an immensely successful painter specializing in large-scale live painting at galleries, music events, and alternative spaces worldwide. He simultaneously studied oil painting at Osaka College of Art and graffiti outside the education system. Born in Shiga and based in New York City, his work frequently appears in all manner of publications, on record sleeves, apparel, and in advertising campaigns.

Dragon's intricate and complex style is rooted in a combination of Graffiti, Manga, and Ukiyo-e. Landscapes and figures defined by black shadow, mimicking traditional block printing, are superimposed upon textured layers of vibrant color. Working fast, Dragon76 paints with acrylic and marker pen as well as using stenciling techniques. Watching his process, which he often exposes by painting in front of an audience, allows full appreciation of his skill level and vision.

Particularly inspired by themes of co-existence, Dragon76 aims to spread a contemporary message of peace, harmony, and revolution, exemplified by his participation in mural projects at refugee and peace camps.

Be it music, dance, bathing in sunshine, or marching against injustice, his talent lies in capturing energy that conveys action. Dragon76 creates stunning works that feel as well as look wonderful.

The Story behind Protect Our Oceans


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