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Sharks of the World

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Edition Size 100 35
Dimensions 18 x 24 24 x 32
Paper Canson Aquarelle 310gsm archival paper Canson Aquarelle 310gsm archival paper
Technique Giclée print

Giclée print
With unique hand-embellishments

Signature Hand-Signed & Hand-Numbered Hand-Signed & Hand-Numbered
Printer Static Medium Static Medium

The Story behind Sharks of the World

There are over 500 species of sharks found around the globe. Sharks swim through remote open waters, craggy coral reefs, below frigid North Atlantic ice, and in the darkest ocean depths; marine ecosystems of all kinds are shaped - and protected - by sharks. Often maligned, these ancient vertebrates are vital to ocean health. Both skilled hunters and filter feeders keep prey populations under control, and scavengers help clean ocean waters. According to the IUCN, at least one-third of all shark species are at risk of extinction.

Many shark species are so poorly understood that they could be lost before being classified as endangered. Overfishing is the primary threat to sharks; a 2013 Marine Policy study found that between 63 to 273 million sharks are killed annually. The horrific practice of shark finning claims many of these beautiful creatures. Some sharks are caught as bycatch in nets meant for fish like swordfish and tuna. Others are lost to pollution and the degradation of ocean ecosystems. Sharks reproduce slowly, making it difficult for their populations to recover after irresponsible human practices have decimated them.

The sharks depicted in ’Sharks of the World’ represent 23 taxonomic families of sharks, illustrating the beautiful biodiversity of these incredible animals. Their loss would not only further imperil the health of the world’s oceans but also deprive future generations of the wonder they inspire.

Zoe Keller

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