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The Underwater Guardian

Kilian Eng

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Regular Edition

18 x 24 Inches
Hand-deckled edges
Printed on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
Limited Edition of 100
Printed with by Static Medium

Variant Edition

24 x 32 inches
Hand-deckled edges
Printed on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
Limited Edition of 25
Printed with by Static Medium

Artist Statement

"The Marine Iguana of Galapagos is truly a unique animal. It's only found on these small islands and is the only reptile in the world that finds its food source underwater, and therefore it has specialized in diving, staying up to 30 minutes underwater, and eating algae that grow on rocks.

In recent times the Marine Iguana has started to rapidly decline in numbers. The reason for this was something that at first wasn’t clear to those who studied them. But we now know that like with so much else climate change is the single largest cause. Rising sea temperatures disturb the growth of the important algae that they live on, through harmful changes in the natural cycles that make this food source thrive. Another important aspect of their decline is higher air temperatures that affect their ability to regulate body temperature when they are on land. The higher air temperature affects both the reptiles and the development of their eggs.

When Pangea Seed got in touch about a project I immediately suggested the Marine Iguana as a subject for the artwork. They have always fascinated me and considering the foundations work with supporting and spreading awareness about our world seas and its inhabitants this was a great opportunity to highlight them. In my piece, you can see the Iguana clinging onto a rock underwater with two more swimming behind it. The other species of fish you see in the environment are also from the Galapagos marine life. And in the background, a group of hammerhead sharks are circling."

- Kilian Eng -

Artist Bio

Kilian Eng was born in 1982 in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated in 2010 from Konstfack, University of Arts Craft & Design in Stockholm with a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Illustration and storytelling.

Kilian's medium of choice when illustrating is digital, something he has developed and explored for many years now. Elements that he often comes back to are the importance of color and lighting in a composition where geometry, the environment, and organic shapes often are prominent. He likes to give his images a surrealistic touch and place the visuals in an alternative reality that hopefully evokes the viewer's curiosity to explore and fantasize further.

His strongest artistic influences come from many of the European artists in the genre of sci-fi and fantasy with a very open mind about what that can be. Clients include Armada Skis, Disney, Fortune Magazine, HBO, Heavy Metal, Krewella, Las Vegas Weekly, Marvel, MGM, M83, Milan Records, Miami Horror, Mondo, Red Bull, Sony Playstation, The New York Times, The Gaslamp Killer, Toyota, Waxwork Records, Warner Bros, Wired Italia, Zeit.

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