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The Wrong Way

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Regular Variant

Limited edition of 50 prints
Printed on museum-grade textured archival paper

Color Variant

Limited edition of 25 prints
Printed on museum-grade textured archival paper

20 x 16 inches
Signed & Numbered
Printed with by Static Medium
Artist Statement

"Mangroves are home to some of the most diverse ecosystems in existence. Every inch of them teeming with diversified life, from fish to birds, reptiles to big cats. Mangroves are truly magical. They are enchanting and an integral part of mitigating climate change. Unfortunately, every year more and more are disappearing due to coastal development.

In this painting, I chose to use the flying Egrets to represent moving upwards on onwards from our current climate situation, and their glow represents the importance of doing so. Having them move from left to right, mirroring the smoke and smog of the city is implying that this is the correct way to go. I have the mangrove tiger moving from right to left to represent their population moving in the wrong direction. I chose to make the smoke from the city imitate the veiny tangles of branches and vines of the Mangrove forests. The colored editions of this piece are meant to show the magic that the Mangroves possess, while the black and white versions are meant to represent the somber and heavy mood of what is actually taking place, which is the steady decline of these magical water forests due to coastal development." 

- McMonster
Artist Bio

McMonster or Josh McQuary is a traditional artist based out of Portland Oregon. He uses a mix of watered-down ink and acrylic paint to achieve dark but beautiful scenes of fantastical noir. McMonster started drawing at a very early age and began painting in his early teens. While stationed in Kandahar Afghanistan in 2009, McMonster took solace in drawing and decided that when he left the military in 2011, it would be his goal to become a full-time artist. In 2017 McMonster won the Pabst Blue Ribbon art can competition where his art was featured on 30 million cans across the United States. In October of 2018, McMonster became a full-time artist and has since become recognized for his original style and time-lapse videos.

The Story behind The Wrong Way


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