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Nāmaka by Tracie Ching

18 x 24 Inches

Printed with ♡ by The Half and Half

Teal Edition:
Five-color screenprint on 12pt Copper foil
Limited edition of 50
Signed & Numbered 

Purple Edition:
Six-color screenprint on 12pt Copper foil with glow-in-the-dark inks
Limited edition of 30
Signed & Numbered

Rainbow Edition:
Six-color screenprint on rainbow foil with glow-in-the-dark inks
Limited edition of 2

Due to the impact of COVID-19, please allow up to 10 weeks for delivery. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Artist Statement

"Myths and legends of our oceans are rooted in countless cultures. Their bounty, beauty, and power are so enormous we thought them an extension of gods. We personified them to better understand them and the part we played - to relate. Growing up I was always captivated by the images Nāmaka, goddess of the sea, in my book of Hawaiian legends. Nāmaka was usually portrayed as fearsome, only to be defeated by her sister, Pele. As a woman grown, I wonder what face she would wear now - shackled by oil rigs and vessels, polluted by plastics, the life being drained from her. Would she still be full of wrath, or is she weary? Does she bide her time in the darkest depths, or despair in the foe she has found in humankind? I look at my children and worry future generations will hear the story of how we treated her, our ocean, life bringer, and sustainer. A force so immense we made her into a god… only to kill her."

Tracie Ching

Artist Bio


Tracie Ching is an artist and self-taught illustrator working in Washington, DC. A marriage of old and new, her work translates classic engraving techniques through vector illustration, resulting in the bold cross-hatching style for which she is known.

Creating alternative movie posters for cult classics, Ching made her home in pop-culture showing in galleries such as Spoke Art in San Francisco. She has since grown her portfolio to include key art for clients like Disney, Lionsgate, and Marvel Studios. Ching’s other work includes editorial illustrations, commercial art, and political portraits for presidential campaigns rounding out her dynamic application of creative skill.

The Story behind Nāmaka

Tracie Ching

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