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Underwater Galaxies

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Regular Edition

16 x 20 Inches
Fine-art Giclée print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
Limited Edition of 50
Signed + Numbered
Printed with by Static Medium

Hand-Embellished Edition

16 x 20 inches
Fine-art Giclée print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
Limited Edition of 25
Signed + Numbered
Printed with by Static Medium

Artist Statement

This piece was inspired by the majestic and endangered Humpback Whale. I view art as a whole -and my work more specifically- as a bridge between environmental issues and the human mind. Art is so powerful - it can take you outside of yourself and remind you how much a part of everything else you really are. My intention is to remind the viewer all that we do is a part of everything - a part of the galaxies, the oceans - our impact is infinite. Our ecological and environmental impact can only start to shift if we begin to see the importance of everything, the interconnectedness of all life - in this galaxy and the next. This piece is two of our biggest and most profoundly beautiful mysteries colliding. Humpback Whales are endangered due to environmental change - habitat degradation, ocean pollution, ship strikes, and entanglement in fishing nets. My hope is that this piece speaks to the mysterious beauty of the Humpback Whale and the absolute need to protect it.

- Jess Weymouth

Artist Bio

Jessica Weymouth is a Long Beach, California-based Watercolor and Illustration artist who combines the natural with the otherworldly to create dynamic, thought-provoking work. Currently focusing much of her work within the celestial spaces, lunar cycles, and natural elements of our planet - her work can be described as Dreamscape Surrealism, oftentimes incorporating healing elements as well as conservation storylines inspired by her studies in Environmental Science and Ecology. She has a keen heart for nature, the cosmos, the wonderfully vast sea, and all the beautiful creatures that spin with this orbital planet - and she loves putting these elements into new light and allowing them to be seen from her perspective. Her hope is to bring awareness to the beauty and to motivate the protection of our natural resources, as well as simply bring joy and inspiration through her work.

The Story behind Underwater Galaxies

Jess Weymouth

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