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Untouched Shores

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Print Details

Regular Edition

18 x 30 Inches
6-color screen print
Printed on Madero Beach paper
Limited Edition of 50
Printed with by VGKids

Variant Edition

18 x 30 inches
6-color screenprint with glitter ink overlay
Printed on white holographic swirl foil
Limited Edition of 30
Printed with by VGKids

The Story behind Untouched Shores

Regardless of how often the phrase "There is no Planet B" is heard, its message, unfortunately, has not lost its urgency. In my view, it has become more critical than ever, given humanity's ongoing mistreatment of the planet's flora and fauna, coupled with the burdens of wars and suffering. These distractions make it nearly impossible to focus on the monumental task of our century: preserving Planet A and avoiding the need for a Planet B. Inspired by the golden age of travel advertising, an era that may have contributed to our current situation, I created a poster depicting the distant and unattainable "never-destination." While addressing issues such as overfishing, plastic pollution, ocean acidification, and biodiversity loss, I chose to present the broader problem in a lighthearted and beautiful setting with a twist. My hope is that this approach helps the message resonate: There is (still) no Planet B, so let's not squander the beauty of our own, real planet.

Max Loeffler

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